chat transcript with Chrysler service rep. from prestige Chrysler web site

[note: the times shown here are ET, although I'm in Pacific.]

Issac Babcock (10/31/15 00:45:06 am): How may I help you?

Guest (10/31/15 00:45:06 am): why do you show no service coupons for oil changes?

Issac Babcock (10/31/15 00:45:28 am): Here is the link to our service specials: http://www.prestigechryslerjeepdodge.com/specials/service.htm Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

Guest (10/31/15 00:46:26 am): which doesn't answer my question.

Issac Babcock (10/31/15 00:46:49 am): Those are the only specials and coupons I currently have listed. Were you looking to schedule an appointment?

Guest (10/31/15 00:47:32 am): okay, "issac," you need to tell your bosses this ...
Guest (10/31/15 00:48:40 am): I have a PT cruiser with 150,000 miles on it.  I've serviced it almost entirely at prestige ... several thousand $ worth...
Guest (10/31/15 00:49:08 am): I'm going outside the Chrysler system because they're are no coupons.

{immediately it's here that I'm logged off BY THEM ... the remainder shows up in the transcript sent to me, but not on the screen.}

Issac Babcock (10/31/15 00:49:26 am): Thank you for visiting http://www.prestigechryslerjeepdodge.com/. Have a great day


continual car impersonator

this is the mandalay bay parking garage.  not my car...probably a 2005 or so.

only time I've ever seen my color combination in the wild.

a hint for the continual car?

a business card tucked into my window. 

long beach, CA.


five ways to keep your beater car on the road forever


there's an interesting idea here that i've never considered ... steering wheel cover ... i may look into that at some point ... the wheel on the continual car is starting to show some degradation at the L thumb.


132,175 mile service

an abortive MS river trip has me back in vegas early ... i roll over 132,000 just as i cross the city limit ... god's way of saying that it's time for, yet another, oil change.

my dealer recommends a "major service" due to dirty fluids (their term and descriptions, not mine).  i pass because it's not in the owner's manual for this time/mileage.

(saw a line item for the amount the oil change is supposed to cost me: $78 out the door.  with my coupon for a $25 oil change [$29 OTD], this is a $53 savings ... still at $25, that oil change is a bit pricey ... i've had packages that have averaged $18, so it could be that the coupons are going up in price ... i may look more aggressively at buying packages.)


rotated tires 129,500 miles

didn't have the time/place to do it in CO, but snuck it into costco before i headed onto the river.  date, calendar placement and mileage are approximate but accurate to within 5%.

no cost, comes with the original tire purchase and keeps my tires within warranty (as termed by costco).