New battery

From AAA.  6 year warranty.  I'm behind on this site right now, this is a place holder for the future.


I don't sound so crazy now...

Remember when I talked about the government discontinuing internal combustion cars?  Well...


Pushed While Parking II

... And the license plate bracket below.

Pushed While Parking in SF I

While parked near the Castro for noircity.com,  someone Helen Keller parked behind my car... Bumping the rear.

I'm posting this in the daytime from my cell so I have no idea if the mark(s) will be visible... The bumper shows stress lines through the rain marks...


chat transcript with Chrysler service rep. from prestige Chrysler web site

[note: the times shown here are ET, although I'm in Pacific.]

Issac Babcock (10/31/15 00:45:06 am): How may I help you?

Guest (10/31/15 00:45:06 am): why do you show no service coupons for oil changes?

Issac Babcock (10/31/15 00:45:28 am): Here is the link to our service specials: http://www.prestigechryslerjeepdodge.com/specials/service.htm Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

Guest (10/31/15 00:46:26 am): which doesn't answer my question.

Issac Babcock (10/31/15 00:46:49 am): Those are the only specials and coupons I currently have listed. Were you looking to schedule an appointment?

Guest (10/31/15 00:47:32 am): okay, "issac," you need to tell your bosses this ...
Guest (10/31/15 00:48:40 am): I have a PT cruiser with 150,000 miles on it.  I've serviced it almost entirely at prestige ... several thousand $ worth...
Guest (10/31/15 00:49:08 am): I'm going outside the Chrysler system because they're are no coupons.

{immediately it's here that I'm logged off BY THEM ... the remainder shows up in the transcript sent to me, but not on the screen.}

Issac Babcock (10/31/15 00:49:26 am): Thank you for visiting http://www.prestigechryslerjeepdodge.com/. Have a great day