finally, the ugly details

the day i got my car was sunny and crisp. since then it's rained nearly non-stop every day. the thing i hate absolutely the most about new cars is all the treatment that needs to be done -- and this car has had more than any i've ever owned, namely:

* wash and treat the roof with UV and fabric protectant
* treat the seats with UV and leather protectant
* treat the seams of the seats with a different UV protectant
* treat the dash with UV protectant
* scotch guard the rugs
* wash and wax the car
* treat all the rubber trim with rubber protectant

i'm an ignore-the-wheels kind of guy, thank god. so i don't have to worry about that.

professional car guys don't do a level of work that i like (real sloppy on the fine points) and you have to watch 'em like hell or they'll use armorall (which i really really hate).

so finally, with a break in the weather, it's taken me two days and about 12 hours of my labor but i've got it covered.

the car is easy to wash, but a little tough to wax. it stands high on the hoof and reaching the center of the high spots is tricky. also the grille on the front takes a fair amount of fine detail.

everything else is both as tedious and reasonable as you'd guess.

but now i'm set. and now i drive.

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