wrap it up, i'll take it

i've been poking around on various web sites for several days now and have found the best deal on getting a maximum care lifetime wrap on a bumper-to-bumper warranty.

chryslerwarrantys.com has them for US$1709, but i joined a mailing list of theirs quite awhile ago and saw that they were offering discounts. the lowest they've ever gone is $207 off that price so today i bit and bought it. for $1542 i get a lifetime extension of my bumper-to-bumper warranty with a $100 deductible (the $0 deductible was about twice that). the $100 is cheaper in the event that i never actually use it for whatever reason (no problems/car totalled/etc.). i'm going to put the difference in price in some kind of interest bearing account (i don't know what yet) and use that for the deductibles.

an added side-light is i get a free rental car whenever i take mine in for service until the 7-year/100k mile mark -- and i get free road service during that time as well.

people on the 'net have been offered these for as much as $3k. i'm not sure what the bottom price is for them, but i'd guess that this is pretty close -- dealer cost must be something in the neighborhood of $1200.

the bumper-to-bumper lifetime wrap is both new and weird enough that none of the non-chrysler insurance places offer it.

but here's the weirdest thing of all. my car, which is the cheapest convertible you can get in the US, and a chrysler 300 hemi (which is about 50 grand) cost the same amount to wrap a warranty on. really gives you a look at how likely people are to turn-over a car before warranty stuff is done.

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