3068 mile service

took the car in for the first oil change at stevens creek chrysler.

after having to wait on the drive for over 20 minutes (with an appointment), i got served by an overly-gruff service manager. he was effecient, though. got me in and out of their quickly. the change is cheap too, using an online coupon for $20.

[getting it is a little complicated. you:

1. go to chrysler.com.
2. click on "for owners."
3. enter the last eight digits of your VIN. this gives a recall look-up.
4. click on the ad on the page that's brought up "3 great services, 1 great price."
5. enter a zip code.
6. pick a dealer.
7. get a coupon and print it out.

am i willing to do this for a $20 dealership oil change? hell ya. i've got a lifetime riding on it.]

i also have a small piece of trim on the sport bar that is coming loose. i point it out and it's included in the service order.

i got passed on to a hertz rental car representative, carlos. like all rental guys he pushes hard for upgrades and insurances -- acting like i've, oh, NEVER RENTED A CAR BEFORE. (why do they always do this?) i hand him a vouchure that says the rental is $35.

i don't know how much money is changing hands, or from whom, but that car thing is weird -- especially considering that, on paper at least, it's more expensive than the change itself.

when i get the car back i'm told that the piece for the sport bar has been ordered. nothing else has been reported to me, which i assume means the car is fine.

which is great.

i suspect the 'blog gets kinda boring from here. not that i think it's a thrill-a-minute to begin with.


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