a call to chrysler

i call the service contract people with a question that is this:

if you do an inspection on my vehicle and find something's wrong, like automatic transmission fluid is dirty, and i don't change it, and it fails, am i still covered?

you'd think this is a simple question. i certainly do.

but try asking this to a politically correct corporate spudnut that may be being recorded for quality assurance purposes. the guy hems and haws and spews wild different forms of gibberish that are all essentially non-answers.

during the conversation (which takes more than 20 minutes), i point out that the inspection isn't required, that i could have a vehicle serviced anywhere (which means i may or may not change the transmission fluid and they wouldn't know) and that if my car did have bad transmission fluid it would be so early that it should be covered by warranty repair.

after beating him like a rabid dog for an extended period of time he finally said something close to yes, i would be liable.

i'm not happy and this is far from over.

pre-emptive letters are going to go out to the heads of all the operations here. you'll see.

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