76,800 new tire

day before yesterday i was getting in my car to drive back from CO to vegas and got a low air light ... i picked up a rider from downtown, filled the tire and then proceeded to have a 700 mile drive where sometimes the tire would be losing air and sometimes it wouldn't ... this included me having to do such pleasant things as yanking my spare from beneath the car (in a parking lot full of melting snow) and prep it in case it needed to be used.

but it didn't.

i got to las vegas and everything was fine.

fine, that is, until i had a flat tire greet me in the morning.

turned out i'd picked up a screw in denver and it had apparently been doing its version of the macarena on the drive here.

this means replacing the tire i had replaced only 6000 miles ago.  couldn't make it to the new year without one last bite in the pocket book, apparently.

$132.  including a $15 coupon i had from goodyear's email list.

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