the continual car joins the chrysler high milers club

i was poking around the 'net looking for a posting i'd made on a public board when my original del sol turned 100,000 miles and stumbled across chrysler's high milers club.  i give them my name and VIN, they give me a pewter license plate bracket.  fair enough.

i filled out their online form early this AM and got this auto-reply before noon.

Dear b1:

Thank you for contacting the Chrysler Customer Assistance Center.

We are pleased to learn of the odometer reading of more than 100,000
miles. We trust you will enjoy many more miles in your 2008 Chrysler PT
Cruiser. Your requested has been forwarded for further consideration.

Thanks again for your email.



Customer Service Representative
Chrysler Customer Assistance Center

i don't care how dopey it is, i like it ... and you can think of this license bracket in one of three ways:
  • it's free
  • it merely cost me $41,000 (and gave me free use of a car for five years)
  • this is my prize for not completely gutting the continual car when i hit that piece of retread on I-15 at 80mph a few months ago
the frame uses both the word "chrysler" and the "pentastar" logo -- not surprising since it's making reference to the corporation that built these steeds of global degradation -- it's cool to be so old skool.  (of course that doesn't keep some of the dodge bigots on the forums from complaining ... for some reason some of those guys don't like to admit they drive chryslers ... i'll bet the bugatti people don't like to admit they're driving volkswagens either.)

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