119,596 mile service

drove back to CO for mother's day ... even though i'm 400 miles early on the change, i wanted to get it done before i drove back to LV.

oil change now.  bought an air filter yesterday.

unfortunately t i'm having trouble finding make-up filters in stock at auto parts stores and the dealer -- which means i may have to hoard a few when i finally DO run across them.

a recent service means i don't have to have to change the plugs and wires now.

bought a four-service oil change package for $70, that makes 'em $17.50 apiece which is a good deal.

new dealer for this car, valley chrysler dodge, inc. in boulder.  they were fine.

(new tires coming ... i keep getting tire recommendations on my services ... the one thing i've learned over the years is you want to buy all your tires from costco ... cheaper, better warranty, and follow-up services are free.)

$83 for oil change package and filter.

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