12,039 mile service

time for another oil change. i'm going to try a different dealer -- from a service perspective it'd take a lot to be worse than stevens creek.

i have a coupon for boardwalk chrysler and even though they're 20 miles from my house and they aren't one of the legendary 5-star dealers (i have no idea what this means -- some goofy chrysler rating), they've gotta be worth a try.

i go up there and immediately the difference is painfully obvious. they feel fast and well-rehearsed. they're expecting me and pretty quickly take me in an talk to me.

i give them the coupon and show them the trim problem i have. even though i've talked to stevens creek about it twice now (and they've ordered the part for me, or at least claim they have), they've done nothing. this will be a good litmus test for boardwalk.

i get the car back in a day (and a call beforehand, something that stevens creek was missing) and i'm told that the trim part is on order. they'll call me when it's in.

i've heard this story before, but i won't persecute a company for another branch's crime.

$24.90 with, that's right, another air filter. and they even threw in a free tire rotation. so nice.

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