don't buy a car from antioch chrysler

i bought my car through a third party using antioch chrysler. on every turn they tried to charge me more than even a reasonable market average for:

* extra components for the car
* a service agreement for the car
* a warranty extension on the car

they failed to remove an sheet below my back seats during prepping that said something akin to, "to be removed by the dealer only before delivery to the buyer."

they even went so far as to be "worried" whether or not i was going to complete my car deal when i had written them a $1000 deposit check WITH NO PROOF FROM THEM THAT I HAD WRITTEN IT. seems like *i* should have been the one who was worried.

if you're going to buy a chrysler, dodge or jeep, i recommend talking to the fleet manager, roger thurman, at autowest dodge chrysler jeep. of the dealers i spoke to (and i talked to nearly 20), he was easily the most reasonable, efficient and level-headed.

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