14,906 mile service

back to boardwalk for a coupon oil change (with windshield wipers this time) and a complaint on the trim coming off my sport bar (again).

i get a different service rep this time. he's a something like a german immigrant - super busy, heavily accented. i'm trying to get the point through that this trim work has been done before but it's not sticking.

"it has to stick." i'm not sticking. "i don't care what you do. you can wrap duct tape around the damn thing. i don't care. it just HAS to be a chrysler repair. i'm driving this car for life. right? see? FOR LIFE. you have to make a fix that you will approve of in the future. oh and those wipers? don't put 'em on the car, just put 'em in the backseat -- they don't need to be changed yet."

he nods, mumbles something in quasi-english. who the hell knows what's going to happen. i've done what i can. as the muslims say, "inshallah."

i get the car back. the wipers are in the back seat, still boxed. the trim is affixed to the sport bar and doesn't seem like it will come off.

i love you boardwalk chrysler. i really do.


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