current TVC

if i was a little more ambitious i'd take the time to figure out how to add a spreadsheet that would be constantly updated here, but i'm not.

this is my first attempt at TVC for the continual car and i wanted to line-item the stuff here to make sure it was right "enough." in the future i'll just be putting figures directly into the header/sidebar/whatever i decide, but for the first snapshot i wanted to list it all out.

car cost out-the-door: US$23,091 (a good deal -- MSRP is $23,325)
gasoline: $2916*
bumper-to-bumper warranty wrap: $1542
insurance: $776
car cover and cleaning supplies: $281
DMV fees: $189 (might be catching some of this twice from the OTD price above)
standard automotive service: $125
parking and tolls: $75
vacuum: $66

total: $29,061

current cost/mile: $1.77

*this is [(16,400 miles/20.4mpg @ $4/gallon) - (4 tanks that have been bought for me)]. the number is definitely within 10% and probably within 5% of the "true" number. obviously, this figure becomes more accurate over time from here.)

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