24,028 mile service

boardwalk chrysler wasn't honoring the latest set of chrysler coupons so i took my car to autowest dodge chrysler jeep. in addition to the oil change and tire rotation, i mentioned the recurrence of the air bag light and the repeating problem with error code po456. i was given a gigantic panel van as my rental car.

i was promised my car in a day, but got it back in two due to a couple of mild complications. it turned out the airbag problem was actually a faulty seat belt connector, so they replaced it -- i could tell just driving it off the lot that they got that right.

they did a pressure check on the fuel system and found a small leak in the gas cap, replacing it as well. that too must have been the right answer because i haven't had any problems since.

two problems that would be easy for a dealer to blow off and both were fixed quickly and correctly. very impressive. they'd get full marks except when they returned my car it had been shat upon pretty heavily by seagulls -- problematic because washing my top is a by-hand, two-step process (i have to wash/brush it, let it dry and then waterproof it again).


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