welcome the snow beast

my brother referred to my del sol as a "snow pig" due to its lack-of-ease on snow packed roads. the combination of a 50/50 front/back balance, along with a relatively light curb weight, made it tricky on slick streets.

the cruiser comes from the other side of the tracks ... not only is it heavy (probably to the front), but it also has anti-spin and ABS. it runs great on the snow and ice. but the automation is heavy-handed enough that it's hard to have a feel for the car ... i still don't fully trust it, but it laughed at other cars on an icy road in CO and was rock solid on both recent snow drives through UT.

i almost certainly would have had the traction features added if they hadn't have already been included on the car, but i'm glad i didn't have to ...

the convertible top is easily the most insulated i've ever experienced. even in the near-zero temps, i was driving with the seat heater off and heat on the lowest setting with the dial cranked about 3/4 of the way ... compare this to a ride under very similar circumstances in my hardtop sirocco 20 years ago -- i had to drive with the heat on full and my jacket on just to stay comfortable.

the two drives i've taken through UT have been punishingly brutal -- including passing a sander spewing marble-size gravel last night. the car's taken it absolutely in stride.

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