128,089 mile service

 driving my boat to the top of the MS river ... unfortunately, while we're in denver on the way out (and i'm in WY fly fishing) the car starts showing unusual behavior ... when you first start it in the morning, it acts like it doesn't want to stop.  the brake pedal goes all the way to the floor without the expected amount of coincident braking.

the boulder shop can't reproduce the problem, but my brother's in town so i pop the hood and he takes a look when we get back from the great wild.

in less than 60 seconds, he spots a missing PCV valve (and line).  odd that the shop didn't even bother to look under the hood for it.

as long as it's in the shop, i'll change my oil too, although it's due in another 1,000 miles ... it's easier to change here/now than in MN.  it also means that my car shuttler won't have to do it on the MN/LA run.

the oil change is already paid for as part of my package (last one!).  the PCV valve and line run me $62.

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