any colour you like

i've done a ton of research. it turns out that the sunset pearl color is only available on a very specific special edition hardtop (that also, weirdly, happens to be a bottom-of-the-line car). which means i need to get something else.

the surf blue pearl coat is just a little too light for my tastes. i have no problem with girlie colors and would quickly snap up a pink one, but the light blue is just a little too pop art (in a bad way) and weird.

not just in the PT cruiser line, but in general, convertibles can be had in one of four groupings according to dark or light bodies and dark or light roofs. dark body/dark roof is probably the most common. light body/light roof is probably second with light body/dark top as a close third. the color combination dark body/light top is pretty rare -- it's an old 30's look for things like street limos.

the cruiser black, even though a common color, is nice and maybe a beige roof would look good?

no. a quick scan shows that the beige roof isn't white enough. the resulting "middle vector" between the color of the body and the color of the top isn't even enough -- the beige skews your perception and it actually just makes the top look kind of dirty.

so maybe the answer is the dark blue with a light colored top? the fact that the car isn't black would bring that middle vector closer to level -- so tan might work. it's a bizarre combo -- but the chrysler website allows it to be built (and there's some combos that they don't, so it's probably okay).

the only dark/light combos you ever see in convertibles are red/white mustangs. in fact, that's almost a trademark look for the classic 60's version. but aside from that, nothing.

it's weird to think i would have a car built that i've never actually ever seen a color example of in the flesh, but that's the way i'm headed.

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