possibilities everywhere

in the car world everyone has heard of the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP), that's the sticker on the window. and most people have heard of the invoice price (which may or may not be the price that the dealership pays for a car -- varies widely according to dealer kick-backs that you never actually see). but there is a thing called the FWP (factory wholesale price) and that is the price is costs to build a car and roll it off the line.

the cartelligent people have gotten back to me. i can have a factory built cruiser that meets CA air requirements, with stereo upgrade, leather heated seats and an automatic turbo engine for something close to the FWP of US$22,092 -- probably a couple hundred dollars less. this is a car that will have a sticker of $23,325.

but wait, there's more. the dear hunter has come back to me. she has a pal, Mr. C, that has not one, but two employee discounts. and since the person that has it and i are now very close personal friends, it looks likely that i can get a discount.

but the curtain is closing quickly.

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