internal combustion

i don't need a new car. i put my 200k miles 1993 honda civic del sol into partial retirement at my mom's place so i could avoid paying for rental cars back there, replacing it with the birdhead's 1997 del sol. my replacement never has set exactly right with me for a few reasons:

* it's a stick and my brother, the world's best mechanical engineer, has (rightly) brainwashed me into thinking automatics are better.

* it's a color (darker green) that i not only don't like very much, but also gives off some kind of crazy stealth characteristics with american drivers. i've been cut off more times in that car in 15k miles than the complete lifetime of my other car.

* it's got a bunch of tiny things wrong with it. the antenna won't retract. the rearview mirror fell off. the passenger window won't stay on track. not a big deal for a 10 year-old car, but mine doesn't do that because i took better care of it.


the pt cruiser convertible has been made for four years if you count 2008. the chrysler website shows that the model has already been brought down from three styles to one -- and tons of options have been added.

i'm sittin' on a pile of cash right now. you know, it wouldn't take much for me to get one of these things.


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