we have a weiner

Mr. C (my EXTREMELY good friend) has come through with the employee discount. i'll be able to get my cruiser built-to-order for $21,501; and chrysler's running a $1000 rebate on the car right now which'll bring the grand total to $20,501. the only way you can get this cheaper (assuming you don't steal a car) is to work for chrysler -- and even then it would only be $200 less than what i'm paying.

i couldn't be happier.

i call cartelligent and they're shocked that:

a) i could get it for that cheap

= & =

b) i have access to a discount program they've never even heard of.

i call a local dealer. he's mildly familiar with the program, but extremely fast to give me an order. i'm set, assuming we can still get the order into the factory.

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