the prelude (that's not a honda)

(goddamn blogger ate my original [archived] post.)

i need to kick the car hunt into gear. no telling when they're going to close the convertible line.

first stop, the chrysler web site. one thing is for damn sure, if i'm going be driving the last car of my life, and spending 20 grand on it, i want it exactly my way. which means i'm going to have the factory build it for me. i've never done that and i think just that experience will be fun.

color is the first obvious choice/problem. i can get brilliant black crystal pearl coat, cool vanilla clear coat, deep water blue pearl coat, melbourne green pearl coat, brilliant silver metallic clear coat, silver steel metallic clear coat or surf blue pearl coat. online the green looks interesting, but everything else isn't as clear.

(i've always been baffled by stupid car color names -- my first honda was "metallic paisley red." i asked the dealer if they had the same car in "brilliant checkerboard blue" but he didn't laugh.)

and really, if you want to see what a car color looks like you have to see it in person.

as soon as a get a color i need to figure out a way to buy the car. i'll try the internet route -- i may have a couple other tricks i can pull too.

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