work it!

i need to get a price on a car.

i simultaneously send out internet requests to the 19 dealers in my area. incredibly, only 3 of these are even willing to talk a price in any form -- the others range from ignoring me to insisting that i have to walk in their dealership (which i won't).

none of the prices are very good so i search a bit further and try a place called "cartelligent." they haggle the price for you and for $300 guarantee it's the lowest you can get. i used an outfit like this to buy my honda in the 90's "the car club," that for the same price promised the lowest deal on a car. when i took my papers into my bank for the loan the bank woman was shocked at how good the price is.

i call cartelligent and my guy there quickly understands what i'm trying to do with a car-for-life, although i can tell he thinks it's a bit odd. and it's clear no one has done this with him before -- i have to bring him up to speed on how the warranty and the lifetime wrap works.

within a day he comes back with ballpark numbers that are VERY clearly going to be better than what i can do on the internet ... saying they could be even better. i might be able to negotiate something better, but i'm running out of time. when that factory shuts down the line, convertibles are done, period.

and there is one other glimmer of hope. the dear hunter (sic) used to work at chrysler. i haven't talked to her for years, BUT we're on very good terms. chrysler, like all companies of size, has an employee discount and the rate on cars can be VERY good.

when i tap her, she's quick to respond. yes, it's good to hear from me. no, i don't work for chrysler any more -- in fact i hate them and drive a muscle mustang now. yes, i'll poke around and see if i know anyone.

all wheels are now turning.

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