... and the rain came down

remember how i said that pre-emptive letters were going to go out to the heads of all operations based on the suspicious inspection that was done (and repeated here and here)?

well, that time has now come to pass.  i've arranged letters in reverse order of importance so the most important ones are on the top, the lessers toward the bottom.

you're welcome to read along and see:

my letter to the CEO of chrysler outlining the suspicious inspections and my need to have chrysler bring the matter to rest.

my letter to the general manager of chapman chrysler giving notice that i have good reason to believe those inspections are incorrect.

my letter to the president of daimlerchrysler service contracts telling her that i thought the phone conversation with her department was weak.

my letter to the CEO of the southern NV better business bureau opening the door for filing a complaint against chapman.

my letter to the secretary of the treasury letting him know what's happening with the US investment in chrysler from my end.

my letter to the owner of my chrysler, telling him i had great service there along the way.

my letter to autowest chrysler, tell them that i appreciated their service as well (here's another).

(and, yes, this increases the TVC of my car by $14 -- $11 for postage, $3 for envelopes.)

we'll see what happens.

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