6107 mile service

definitely putting miles on the car. back to stevens creek chrysler for the second oil change. i mention the sport bar still needs fixing (they'd called me a couple weeks ago to say the part was in). i also tell them i've got a rattle back in the covertible mechanism that's starting to drive me nuts -- it sounds almost exactly like 2 plates banging together in a dishwasher, but has to be something like metal arm components.

a day passes and i don't hear anything from the dealer. i show up the next day because i'm headed to vegas and need my vehicle. the cruiser is just getting ready without the fix to the sport bar or any diagnosis of the rattle which isofficially marked on the form as "unable to verify at this time." what it should say is, "we're too lazy and disorganized to do it."

at $20.49 you can't beat the price. but i've gotta find another dealer -- the bogosity factor here is too high.