official powertrain inspection notification

you know, it's funny...the 'net is full of people (especially jeep owners) who think chrysler will go to great lengths to rip them off, including invalidating warranties.  (of course, many of these same people will also modify their vehicles, or not do regular service.)

but the truth is that chrysler would like to keep you in the fold.  even though I've already had my inspection, I received this card in the mail...postmarked MI, it makes reference to prestige (my favorite dealer here in NV).

I amidt I'm a little surprised to see this notice...but pleasantly so...even though i was well aware when my 60 day window was, it would have been difficult for me to miss it thanks to this notice and the aggressive suggestion of getting it done from normandin in CA.

an F for the continual car

which would be worrisome, except -that's right- I have a lifetime service contract.

trivium of the moment

the average car on the road today is almost 10 years old.

-- forbes


95,916 mile service and 5 year powertrain inspection

back in CA i went to normandin with another oil change coupon so i could get another pair of windshield wipers (the NV desert really chews up rubber) ... and again, not hitting against my oil change package.

i was going to ask about doing the powertrain inspection, since i was inside the 60 day window, but had to wait for awhile on the drive so i figured i'd not push the issue and instead ask on my next go 'round.  much to my pleasant surprise, the normandin folks were quick to accept their coupon on my cell phone -- even though it's supposed to be printed out.

while i was talking to king feddy on the phone during the change, they upped the pleasure meter by one, calling to suggest they do the five year inspection ... naturally, i readily agreed.  (i've read elsewhere that dealers get warnings about your time being up for the inspection, so it's not a huge surprise.)

the whole process took longer than i expected which had me wondering what might be going on (i was in the dealership for about three hours), but their poking and prodding turned up nothing (quite a bit different than those lying, cheating bastards [who looked at my car 65K miles ago] at chapman).  which means my lifetime powertrain warranty is good to go for another five years.

as part of my over-all car inspection they also noticed that i had a reverse light out ... normandin was nice enough to replace it completely free of charge ... exactly the kind of thing that can make a rabidly loyal customer out of me -- it's a pity i don't live in CA anymore.

i'm due for a timing belt change at 102K miles, BUT i no longer get free rental cars as part of my lifetime service contract at 100K miles, so i'll get that swtich done at 99K.



94,008 mile service

using a TXT coupon from normandin in san jose i got an oil change and new wiper blades for $22.  this doesn't go against my oil change package.


the animated continual car

Subaru - First Car Story
First Car Story

i just told the story of the continual car and had it animated.

Watch it here, then tell and share your own.
Courtesy of the 2012 Subaru Impreza. Experience love that lasts.

the continual car written by b1-66er:

"the continual car is a turbo 2008 pt cruiser convertible. with the help of an old girlfriend, i was able to buy one at an employee discount price, 5 years ago. most of my friends think it's either funny or just plain stupid that i drive a cruiser. then again, they have to pay ..."


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ANOTHER continual car for me?


i rented a fiat 500C (by complete chance ... really!) in vancouver and loved it.  i need a new car like i need a bullet in my skull, BUT the fiat has the ability to be made continual and it has some modern updating (e.g. auxiliary in on the stereo) and it drives much smaller than the cruiser.

but the big big one is it gets 30mpg+, whereas the cruiser sits right in at 21.  50% extra would make a lot of difference in n years, especially as the price of gasoline goes through the roof.



90,600 mile service

visiting my mom in CO, so i stopped by PRO chrysler-jeep-dodge-ram.

super-good shop in that they were able to take me on a moment's notice (i don't know why this is so hard for the average dealership) and they honored my pre-paid oil changes.

the weird news is they have a windshield scam (of sorts) here.  an assigned person swarmed in, looked at my windshield and informed me that three pits needed to be fixed -- the deductible would be waived and paid directly by the insurance company.  all this is true, but really it's their chance to get extra money from the insurance company over a repair that is questionable at best (is a pit really a danger that could result in a windshield crack?  no.).  BUT, since it costs me no money, there's no reason for me to object.  i've never seen this trick used before ...

the service guy said it would take 45 minutes and that's precisely what it was.  their "world class 27 point inspection" showed two problems: decaying wiper blades (known) and tires out of camber (ditto).

and isn't it just SHOCKING that they showed none of the problems that lying, cheating, thieving Chapman did nearly 60,000 miles ago?

uh, no, it's not.

i'm supposed to change the plugs at 90K, but wanted to ensure that i could get my car ready for a vegas drive tomorrow so i held off.  i'll be doing that soon.


How Minor Repairs Can Boost Your Car Insurance Rates | Insurance.com

interesting article from the insurance companies themselves on part of the way your rates get jacked from a relaxation of bumper standards.



87,872 mile service

had a mail coupon for an oil change with an air filter ... i've been driving through quite a bit of dust and dirt roads lately, so i figured i'd go ahead and get the AF now instead of 90K miles.  (this change does not count against the recent oil change package i bought.)

got the change at prestige chrysler and they're FINALLY not taking drive-in oil changes anymore ... everything has to be by appointment ... making my life much easier.



83,667 mile service

i'm about 1K miles early on this oil change, but i've been slipping a bit back on the 3K service intervals and i'm about ready to drive into death valley, so i'd rather get this done sooner than later.

stevens creek chrysler.  $0.00 since i paid four oil changes ahead last time.


576,000 mile car retired

at the rate i'm driving right now, the continual car would have 1M miles in the same amount of time ...



new registration and smog

NV has super-fast, super-great renewals.  the DMV is madness, just like it is in every state i've ever lived in ... but the kiosks?  awesome.  their one requirement?  "we accept cash or credit card, but not both."  (gotta love vegas.)

$16 for the smog check (saved $4 with a coupon).

$327 for registration.

81,779 mile service

oil change time again.  bought a five for the price of four oil change coupon off the prestige website.  i don't know if this ends up being a good deal or not ... the chrysler website currently has $18 for oil change and tire rotation ... $60 for 5 is $12 apiece (at a dealer, no less), BUT there's the "taxes and shop fees" part.

nevertheless, it's not a bad deal.

prestige doesn't let you set an appointment for an oil change so i had to badger them into getting me out faster than two hours.



Chrysler Guarantees Other Makers' Used Cars - Money News Story - KMGH Denver

"diversified certified"?  a weird idea.  I get what they're trying to do ... it'll be interesting to see how it goes.


78,883 mile service

in the bay area and needed an oil change so i printed a coupon off the chrysler web site.  tried first to go to stevens creek chrysler, but they never returned my call (during business hours, no less), so i went to normandin.

turns out i didn't need the coupon.  my oil change package still had one left and they honored that ... the coupons are good throughout the chrysler dealerships, not just at prestige.

as the tech was writing up my car, we got into a funny conversation ...

"have you ever been here before?"

"no.  this is probably the only bay area dealer i've never been to.  i moved to vegas, so i get most my work done out there now.  i've seen a lot of dealers, but it's been strange."  i knew i shouldn't have uttered that last word as i said it.


"yeah.  like chapman told me my car needed brake fluid and transmission fluid at 35,000 miles.  which, it didn't.  that prompted a letter to the CEO of chrysler.  they're just fraudulent."

if you say this to a service tech what they'll hear is. yeah.   like chapman told me my car needed brake fluid and transmission fluid.  the rest is something akin to a dial tone if it were made up entirely of the sound of cash registers opening.

i'm looking at the tech's computer screen.  he starts opening the service manual for my car.  this, my little money grubbing friend, will be a mistake.  i'm probably the only person you've ever met or known that can recite the PT cruiser owner manual rote.

"would you say your car is schedule A or schedule B?"

"i say schedule B because that way there will never be a question as to whether or not i'm changing my oil frequently enough."

he spins the monitor around.  "there!  you need a transmission fluid change at 60,000 miles."

i don't even look at the screen.  "look at the footnote.  my car's not a taxi."

long long pause.  "what!  they expect the fluid to last forever?"

i say nothing.  it doesn't matter what they think, only what they say.  and they say -in writing- i don't have to change it.

one hour passes and i get my car back after watching japanese TV (my choice) in the waiting room.

when i get back my car, my $0.00 receipt says:


what they don't say is neither of these are described as necessary in the owner's manual.  don't take my word for it ... read my service contract ... "Your responsibility is to properly operate, care for and maintain the vehicle as prescribed in the owner's manual supplied by the manufacturer."

go me.