132,175 mile service

an abortive MS river trip has me back in vegas early ... i roll over 132,000 just as i cross the city limit ... god's way of saying that it's time for, yet another, oil change.

my dealer recommends a "major service" due to dirty fluids (their term and descriptions, not mine).  i pass because it's not in the owner's manual for this time/mileage.

(saw a line item for the amount the oil change is supposed to cost me: $78 out the door.  with my coupon for a $25 oil change [$29 OTD], this is a $53 savings ... still at $25, that oil change is a bit pricey ... i've had packages that have averaged $18, so it could be that the coupons are going up in price ... i may look more aggressively at buying packages.)