72,190 mile service & third service contract work

with the write-up from my brake guys in hand, i went to prestige chrysler for an oil change and asked them to look at the rack & pinion sensor and control arms.

i got my service contract rental and waited a day to hear the news ... and big news it was ... they replaced the rack and pinion gear and both control arms ... this is big work that requires a lot of labor, and would be a significant cost ... if not for, that's right, my service contract!

i ended up with the car for four days (that's $140 right there), and roughly speaking, all this under-car work should be about $1500 ...

but with my service contract?  a mere $100 deductible ... and i'd already paid for the oil change before.

this means i have now officially saved over $1000 by buying my service contract.

AND the car needed alignment after all the work, BUT i have lifetime alignment at the local goodyear place...so i took it in there for a grand total of $0.

never has anyone felt happier when leaving a dealership after major service ...

... and all i have now is the rest of my life to rack up more.

{radioactive dave, anne and instigator: remind me next time i see you and i'll tell you a continual car story you'll get a kick out of ... i'm not writing it down here.}


death of a continual car?

TJ public's 'blog is no longer up.  i can only guess this means he either got rid of the car, or just didn't feel like paying his domain renewal fee.

sad.  i can always use a brother in arms.


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