60,283 mile service

a few days ago my car battery died.  i was waiting in a v-e-r-y long line inside binion's garage ... i'd left my lights on with my engine off and managed to drain the sucker ... i was lucky enough to be near a pull-over, so i did and waited about an hour for the traffic to clear.

once it did, i went to a nearby firestone -- they checked my battery and said it held a charge just fine ... but when i went into prestige chrysler, they said that, in fact, the battery was dead.

so ...

new battery at the dealer (not the place i'd necessarily want to buy one) and an oil change (with coupon, from the chrysler site, finally) for a total of $200.

and honestly, i have no idea how they came up with this number.

the coupon for a change was $20.  they list the battery with labor as $177.  they show the oil change as being $83 (pre-coupon).  i have a $100 deductible on my service contract, but that shouldn't apply here.

the total they show on the invoice is $284.26.

so ... who knows?

i'll poke into this a bit in the future, but for now, i'll mark it as $200.

state of the moment

i'm getting my car serviced at prestige chrysler in las vegas, NV. my
"service writer" looked up my VIN and said, "whoa. you've got the
'awesome warranty.'"

damn right.