something's missing, but you don't know what it is...

...do you, mr. jones?

checked my oil tonight (as I do at every fill up) and noticed that the cowling here is missing...so it was either broken or removed and not replaced at my oil change a few days ago.

it's hard to reach prestige people by phone, so I'll have to drive it in.


107,986 mile service

oil change with a coupon off the chrysler web site (oddly, the prestige coupon didn't show a price, but the chapman one did, so i just used that).

the inspection that came back shows my tires at 3/32nds or less ... but that's clearly not right ... i'm not down to the warning bars on any tire yet.

the "engine air filter and cabin air filters" show up as "may require attention soon" which is almost certainly true due to the dirt roads, dust and forest fire soot that's been in the air lately.

love the after hours service ability.

$24.  ($10 saved with coupon.)