68,233 mile service & second service contract work

i could actually stand to go another 1000 miles before i did an oil change, but the air conditioner has quit working, again.  i'm looking at taking a run back to the bay area next week, and i may or may not take my car ... if i do, having AC would be nice, so i might as well get it fixed now ... and as long as i'm there, get an oil change as well (with a coupon that included an air filter).

the dye job from last time came through and exposed a leak in the AC discharge line (don't ask me, i don't know either).

if i didn't have my max care service contract, this repair would have been $485 ... but due to my wrap, it was only a C-note to me.

one thing they did claim was worn brake pads and rotors on the front.  i drive a car very light on the brakes, but the vehicle's pushing 70K and its heavy, so anything's possible.  unfortunately the brake pads aren't covered by the service contract and chrysler doesn't guarantee their pads for life (some others do) -- i'll be digging into that over the next several weeks.

$20 standard service
$100 service contract deductible
$455 in SCR (includes $70 of rental car)


another (not-quite-bad) break

gotta (another) star in my windshield driving back from CO.  need to have it taken care of before my next big run.

67,500 miles


66,277 service

had a website coupon for a $20 air filter and oil change, but when i go into prestige chrysler the "how's-it-goin'-dude?" service rep says "we can sell you four oil changes for $66."

considering that i want/need all my service done you don't have to ask me twice for that deal.

the only downside is i won't be getting my air filter now ... but the last one was less than 10,000 miles ago ... need to look at the owner's manual and see when the next one is due.

prestige chrysler.  $66

trivium of the moment

roughly 800K cars are stolen in the US every year.

source: CNBC