new registration and smog

NV has super-fast, super-great renewals.  the DMV is madness, just like it is in every state i've ever lived in ... but the kiosks?  awesome.  their one requirement?  "we accept cash or credit card, but not both."  (gotta love vegas.)

$16 for the smog check (saved $4 with a coupon).

$327 for registration.

81,779 mile service

oil change time again.  bought a five for the price of four oil change coupon off the prestige website.  i don't know if this ends up being a good deal or not ... the chrysler website currently has $18 for oil change and tire rotation ... $60 for 5 is $12 apiece (at a dealer, no less), BUT there's the "taxes and shop fees" part.

nevertheless, it's not a bad deal.

prestige doesn't let you set an appointment for an oil change so i had to badger them into getting me out faster than two hours.



Chrysler Guarantees Other Makers' Used Cars - Money News Story - KMGH Denver

"diversified certified"?  a weird idea.  I get what they're trying to do ... it'll be interesting to see how it goes.