first birthday

my car's one year old today so i did something i haven't done in well
over 30 years ... i just went for a drive to celebrate ... up 280 past
the SETI radio telescope ... across 92 to half moon bay ... and down 1
to santa cruz and marianne's ice cream.
really nice drive.


on tuesday the engine warning light went off so i cancelled my appointment. don't ask me, man, i just drive the damn thing.


shine on at 18,700 miles

got the engine light again this morning -- same as 11,851 miles. i've got an appointment on wednesday to get it looked at -- i'm driving it considerable distance this weekend, need to get it ironed out ahead of time.


18,050 mile service

chrysler isn't currently posting coupons on their web page so i had to sniff around on the dealer site and pick up a change and rotation for $30 (instead of the $20 i've been getting). kicks my average up a couple bucks, but still in the "good deal" zone considering that i'm using a dealer.

the big question in my mind, though, is are they not offering coupons because it's just the month switch over, or is it because of the presentation that's being worked on in DC?