well hell in a handbasket

today i was driving my car and the light from a couple of days ago came back on.  it was still before the close of business, so i called the new chrysler dealer in the neighborhood and set up an appointment for tomorrow morning to look at it ...

and then wouldn't you know that the light then went back off this evening ...

hopefully the black box stores error codes and they'll know what happened.  i don't need my vehicle to act flaky as i drive it a thousand miles in the next fortnight.



108,975 light's on

it's been awhile since the engine light last came on, but it did this evening as the engine started missing.

i suspect the culprit is stabil.  i added some to the tank because i thought i was going to be parking my car for an extended trip this summer ... but the trip got canceled and instead of being parked for three months, the continual car was left to sit about four weeks.

the tank was about half full so i added some techron, filled the tank the rest of the way, and drove an exit on the freeway ...

voila, the light went off.

i need it to stay that way ... i've got a big drive coming up next week.