117,700 new tail light

the other day as a valet was pulling out my car (gotta love vegas), i noticed i had a tail light out.  not a big deal (and certainly not the first time it happened).

but what's weird was when i did the replacement ... i was curious if the filament would actually be broken, or if the bulb had merely shook loose from its mount ... but instead the entire bulb was shattered ... it looked very much like someone had took a swing at it with a hammer ... but the outside lens was completely and totally normal.




117,316 mile service (and more, unfortunately)

took my car in for the standard oil change, but when the adviser came out to get me he had that surgical "i've got bad news for you, b1" look on his face.

the techs have found oil in the spark plug tubes.  (that i believe, you could see very slight oil seepage around the tops of the plugs.)  they've also found a problem with the control arms (not the first time this has happened).

the vast majority of these repairs are covered by my service contract, but the new spark plugs (and wires) are not.

(as long as they were doing everything else, they also replaced the engine mounts, again, which surprised me ... i would have expected them to last longer ... but who knows?  that other work was sahara ... and anything is possible with those jokers.)

this now puts me well, well ahead of the game with my service contract.  (it also has me wondering, a little, if maybe radioactive dave wasn't right with his $0 deductible comment.)

$319, including $100 of service contract deductible
$3570 of SCR

{what was odd is i was given a rental for two days as part of this repair ... i'm almost certain i'm not supposed to -it's certainly not what the contract says- but i took full advantage of it and put 400 miles on my loaned chrysler 200 [with satellite!] ... went to death valley one day, valley of fire the next.}