95,916 mile service and 5 year powertrain inspection

back in CA i went to normandin with another oil change coupon so i could get another pair of windshield wipers (the NV desert really chews up rubber) ... and again, not hitting against my oil change package.

i was going to ask about doing the powertrain inspection, since i was inside the 60 day window, but had to wait for awhile on the drive so i figured i'd not push the issue and instead ask on my next go 'round.  much to my pleasant surprise, the normandin folks were quick to accept their coupon on my cell phone -- even though it's supposed to be printed out.

while i was talking to king feddy on the phone during the change, they upped the pleasure meter by one, calling to suggest they do the five year inspection ... naturally, i readily agreed.  (i've read elsewhere that dealers get warnings about your time being up for the inspection, so it's not a huge surprise.)

the whole process took longer than i expected which had me wondering what might be going on (i was in the dealership for about three hours), but their poking and prodding turned up nothing (quite a bit different than those lying, cheating bastards [who looked at my car 65K miles ago] at chapman).  which means my lifetime powertrain warranty is good to go for another five years.

as part of my over-all car inspection they also noticed that i had a reverse light out ... normandin was nice enough to replace it completely free of charge ... exactly the kind of thing that can make a rabidly loyal customer out of me -- it's a pity i don't live in CA anymore.

i'm due for a timing belt change at 102K miles, BUT i no longer get free rental cars as part of my lifetime service contract at 100K miles, so i'll get that swtich done at 99K.