Fw: Your invitation for Free Oil for Life from Boardwalk

got this email from my favorite chrysler dealer 
(they lost their accreditation ffrom chrysler).  
if i was still living in the bay area i'd look into it, 
but i'll bet that the filter and service costs would 
end up being more than the mopar coupon rates.

my apologies for their formatting from my email 
account ... i don't feel like mucking with it to make 
it right relative to my template ... all the salient 
information is readable, this just looks bad ... 
(i took out the formatting and corny animation).


As a valued Boardwalk Auto Center 
customer, you are invited to participate 
in our Oil For Life* program.
Here's how it works: Never pay for 

conventional oil, just labor and filter. 
Your vehicle, if qualified*, will receive Oil 
For Life*, so long as you continue to own it.

Come in for a FREE* inspection to see if your 

vehicle qualifies*.