quote of the moment


-- banner in the service bay of prestige chrysler; las vegas, NV

62,566 service

wanted to get an oil change before sending my car back to CA.  i'm on every mailing list of every dealer i've ever gotten an oil changes with -- so i snapped up the $9.95 coupon that prestige offered me.

minor strangeness in calling "who is this?  what do you want?  oh, um, you can just bring it in."  and then showing up, "what do you want?  who's your service manager?  what?  the oil service guy is on break?  oh, um, just sit in the waiting room."

but 40 minutes later, i'm set to go.

just like last time, reality is different from what's on paper.  even though my receipt says $30, i'm charged $11.

no up-sells.  no "recommendations."  i'm happy.


updated chrysler website

like the rest of the fricken company, the chrysler website has undergone a major overhaul.  like any 10 passenger panel van, the front page is cumbersome and overly full of flair and flash that you'd never use.

BUT, the underlying web pages, and especially the "my chrysler" page, is shockingly good.  after i input my VIN, i'm able to get a list of recalls (there are none yet), a (soft or hard) owner's manual and a copy of my warranty.

and, very most important of all, a complete listing of my service history.  which means i can check the official records and be certain they're tracking the same work i am.

and the record they show is spotless, clean and perfect.

at first i thought they'd done away with the "3 great services, 1 low price" coupon page -since i couldn't hit it from the old "for owners" spot- but all they really did was move it.

which means i'm good to go (and it also means the new chrysler has its act together better than the old chrysler).

{as an aside, my poking and prodding was brought on by a prestige chrysler coupon that i got early this morning for a $10 oil change.  a great deal, to be sure, but i needed to be certain i have back-up for the future.

i might drive back to CO in my car over xmas (i can't put chains on it, so it's not a certainty) -- but even if i don't, i'll definitely use that coupon before its expiration at the end of the month.}