new PCV valve

$3.  putting that in along with the plugs, wires and air filters for my 60k service.  here just as a record

{dealerships charge $25 for this service ... you pull a little plastic tube out of the line, you put another one back in ... it's literally as hard as swapping a lego brick out of a stack.}

protection scammers

got a couple of envelopes at my NV address that are sent bulk mail with no return address ... the inside letter shows a business return address of:

program headquarters
300 north tucker
st. louis, MO  63101

what they are oh so generously offering me is extending the coverage on the continual car.  very very nice considering:

1. the car comes with lifetime powertrain warranty by default.


2. i have the lifetime service contract.

but i call them anyway because i feel like fighting with someone today.

the conversation starts off well enough until we get to the mileage part.

"how many miles does your car have on it?"


"60,000!  oh my god!  are you sure?  did you buy the car new?"

the last question is perplexing because i'm not sure what she's expecting for an answer there.

we talk for a bit.  mostly she's doing that sales thing of feigning as though she gives a damn about my life (which, just for the record, i strongly suspect she does not).  and we get to the meat of the deal ...

"well, our blah blah blah plan doesn't make sense because blah blah blah on and on so i recommend our premium platinum your penis will be bigger plan."

"you know this car comes with a lifetime powertrain warranty."

"we cover more than that.  like the turbo {covered}, the transfer case {covered} and the axles {also covered, beeotch}."

"and how much is that?"

"blah blah blah.  very complicated.  blah blah blah.  you know how it is.  blah blah blah.  $2800.  blah blah blah.  and would be good for 60,000 miles from now."

or, $1300 more than my bumper-to-bumper coverage.  or $800 more than if i bought the warranty wrap today (only possible if my car had < 48k miles).

i have no idea who these people are, nor how they got my address associated with my car in NV -probably some house buying thing- but they are chock-full of scam.  buy your protection from anyone but these guys.  that includes the crack dealer on the corner -- at least you know what that guy looks like.


spark plugs and ignition cables

mopar by my brother's recommendation.  $74.  these'll go for my 60k tune-up ... entry here just for record keeping.