official powertrain inspection notification

you know, it's funny...the 'net is full of people (especially jeep owners) who think chrysler will go to great lengths to rip them off, including invalidating warranties.  (of course, many of these same people will also modify their vehicles, or not do regular service.)

but the truth is that chrysler would like to keep you in the fold.  even though I've already had my inspection, I received this card in the mail...postmarked MI, it makes reference to prestige (my favorite dealer here in NV).

I amidt I'm a little surprised to see this notice...but pleasantly so...even though i was well aware when my 60 day window was, it would have been difficult for me to miss it thanks to this notice and the aggressive suggestion of getting it done from normandin in CA.

an F for the continual car

which would be worrisome, except -that's right- I have a lifetime service contract.

trivium of the moment

the average car on the road today is almost 10 years old.

-- forbes