68,909 new front brakes

after the brake notification from my last service, i did some poking around, and for the first time since moving to vegas i'm suffering a penalty of living in a small town.

unfortunately brake masters and midas are my two best options for lifetime brakes.  the problem with both of these places is they'll charge you for labor on the jobs.  if i lived in a place with a firestone, or a precision auto that offered lifetime brakes, i wouldn't have to pay for the labor.

after a false start the day before, i went to the brake masters on S eastern.

the bad news was that -according to them at least- not only were the front brake pads worn, the rotors too had gone ... so those had to be replaced as well.

that's the bad news.  the good news is the backs still have 50%.

i asked a myriad of questions and learned a couple of good tidbits.  one was going 70K miles before needing new brakes is very unusual ("you must be an incredibly cautious driver").

bigger was a non-chrysler set of eyes looked at the car ... they saw the rack and pinion sensor leaking and the control arm bushing cracking ... those don't have to be reported back to chrysler immediately, so that'll be the topic of my next oil change.

they also saw the rear shocks leaking.  that isn't covered by the lifetime service contract ... i'll have to be looking into that as well.

$317 (includes the $25 discount from my entertainment book)


[68,500] windshield star repaired

first class auto glass fixed my second windshield break (unfortunately i forgot to take before/after shots).  good service, but the repair looks a bit globby afterward.

insurance companies are moving away from waiving this deductible ... fortunately mine hasn't yet.