10,165 service

my 9k miles hit while i'm in vegas but the vegas dealer doesn't have any coupons so i set a path through LA with a stop at la brea chrysler.

i have to get up bloody early to make their 10:00 appointment and when i get there they have no record of me. no problem, though, i'm taken right in and since they don't have a rental car site there they suggest that as a time saver (but almost certainly as a partial money saver) that i just wait for the change.

fine with me. i sleep in the lobby, occasionally awakened by some kid that is being allowed to run wild.

$26.30, including a new air filter (should be more like $63 without the coupon). the service and attention here is better than stevens creek.

the cruiser is averaging just a touch over 20mpg -- probably a combination of a 0.4 coefficient of drag and that amazing curb weight of the vehicle. it rides me some -- there's no question that's the gift that'll keep on giving.

to off-set it, i grab a rider from craigslist and haul him back to the bay area for half the price of my gas. which for me is like 40mpg -- or 7mpg more than my del sol would have done (not to mention considerably more comfortable at that distance).