public warning about chapman chrysler jeep service; henderson, NV

so here's the deal ... chapman chrysler jeep in las vegas, NV handed me a vehicle inspection (part of a chrysler coupon i had), that showed i needed $814 worth of services (bad fuel injection, dirty power steering fluid and dirty automatic transmission fluid). no inspection before this one by chapman, and the one immediately preceding it, showed any problems with my vehicle.

if you're new here, go ahead and read through some of the stuff i've written to decide whether i'm a flakeball just spouting off, or i have a legitimate complaint about something suspicious going on here ... after you're done with that my advice to you would be to get a second opinion of any recommendation by chapman.

it should be noted that their service, although often slow (they set me up an appointment at 10:00, but don't roll my car into the service bay until 15:30?), is done spot-on the money. everything chapman claimed they'd do eventually got done completely and correctly.


37,042 mile service

i wasn't able to stop by the shop in vegas before i headed out so i dropped back in to autowest dodge chrysler jeep in fremont, CA on my triumphant return to the bay area.

i had a coupon for tire rotation, oil change and inspection. the inspection should be interesting because if it matches chapman, then i can more firmly suspect there's something legitimately wrong with the car -- and if it doesn't match, it could mean there's something very wrong with chapman's service.

i say nothing about the former inspection and wait for an hour in the waiting area with some guy making hilarious comments about jerry springer (i swear to you, if he sat with me through all TV shows, i'd watch television every day ... instead of only when i travel, like i do now).

the car gets done and guess what? nothing is wrong in the inspection.