total vehicle cost (TVC)

the TVC i'm posting in the margin is an attempt to get all costs associated with the continual car, including but not limited to:

* purchase price of the continual car
* cost of the maximum care service contract (aka: "warranty wrap")
* gas
* service costs
* insurance
* license plates
* taxes
* parking fees (including tickets)
* tolls
* service manuals
* maintenance supplies
* the continualcar.com domain name

it does not include:

* music i buy to play in the car
* price of gas for my rentals when the continual car is in service
* food eaten in the car
* my time
* items lost from getting blown out or stolen while the top is down


anne said...

Will you post a picture of the vehicle, please?

b1-66er said...

you're the only person who reads this damn thing ...

i go back and forth on images for this ... my original thought was to have the dutchman shoot some true car pr0n shots ... but that takes time and planning, i might just rip off a few with my hiptop and slap 'em up at some point.

i made a back-dated posting yesterday that has an old hiptop res photo of my car parked next to a blue/tan miata. it's here: