service contract return (SCR)

SCR is my term for money that i'm getting back because i have the bumper-to-bumper lifetime wrap on my car. although the primary reason i keep track of this figure is for the actual mechanical work on the car, it can also include things like roadside service (good for the first 7 years/100k miles) and free rentals during service (ditto). this figure is a little scammy because i wouldn't be doing things like renting a car while i have my car serviced if i had to pay for it -- but it's a perk of the program and i see actual dollar figures pass back-and-forth between the chrysler and the rental agencies, so i'm counting it. who knows what the real dollar figure for things like this is? one thing's for sure -- i get a rental car when i get my car serviced and i'm not paying for it. and that's a pretty damn good deal (even if i am essentially paying for it).

also, this number includes any warranty service that is done after the standard 3 year/36,000 mile service less the $100 deductible -- the whole reason i have the warranty in the first place.  (4/26/14 addendum: i'm not aware what these actual numbers are, but i've been asking my dealers what the costs would be as i get work done ... SCR isn't IRS accounting accurate, but rather a good ballpark figure).

i paid $1542 for the bumper-to-bumper wrap so once my SCR gets above this figure i've "made money" by buying the wrap.

(the $0 deductible was $1270 more -- once i've made more than 12 warranty trips to the dealer, after 36,000 miles, i would have been better off to buy that policy instead.)

note: the rental car fee for my first service was $35, but was moved down to $28 on subsequent services. i don't know why.

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